Cool sites to hang out in…

Simple and Fun places that define me…

In Bubble Wrap– Everyday FUN!
Stanford– The NEW B-School
Semester at Sea– 100 days – 10 countries – AWESOME
Indiana University– because all colleges are not equal
Toscana – because I need to hang my hat somewhere
Dyson– I’m not a vacuum salesman but, I’ve sold a few of these
Herman Miller– sitting on air…
Virgin– Cool place in the sky
W – We hung here in Sydney
Tom Peters– Cool dude!
Booq – For the laptop
Bose – For my ears…
Penta – Harmonious water
Starbucks – because its awesome anywhere in the world…
Borders – Find me at Scottsdale/101 Borders
Cranium – SHOWTIME!
Heavenly Bed – where the king and queen sleep
Tumi – Luggage that travels
Lush – Good Karma…
Banana Republic– Classic
The Jimi– because you have to put your money somewhere
Saumsung – If its Flat it is probably Phat!
Linked In– get connected with me and the rest of the world
Chipotle– Burrito anyone?
ING Direct– Cool Savings Account
Dwell Magazine– this is cool, I’d live there
Taz– Another cool dude!
Indiana Basketball– Why not root for the home team?
Phoenix Suns– My favorite team where the players get paid
Apple a day keeps the doctor away
RAZR– A phone fit for a pocket…
Amazon– where every spare nickels go…


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