BARE Selling; 30 Days to Sales Success

BARE Selling

30 Days to Sales Success

1. Make it simple

2. Attitude + Ownership + Passion = Intention

3. Time, habits & focus

4. Goalsetting & Activities; Create the Dream Pipeline

5. Know thyself → brand, mission, values, value

6. Develop a Network Plan & Connect

7. Make it a GAME! Have FUN!

8. Think like your customer

9. Say the right thing; Language

10. Do the right thing; Rapport

11. Actively Listen, BE WITH & be present

12. Get naked; genuine and authentic

13. What’s first? Pre-call planning – 5 Q’s

14. Prospect the perfect target and get in

15. Qualify and manage your time efficiently

16. Question with purpose (ID –> DM, Problem, Solution)

17. Speak with purpose

18. Ask permission and gain agreements

19. Seek objections; they are buy signs

20. Know your stuff; FAQ’s, FAB’s, and Results

21. How to Influence & Persuade anyone

22. Become a Storyteller

23. Make it easy to do business

24. Negotiate WIN-WIN

25. The close will just happen; What’s next?

26. Always know the next step…

27. Justify, compliment and pre-empt buyers remorse, define fulfillment

28. Ask for feedback, referrals and introductions; continuously improve

29. Follow up often and create an attitude of gratitude

30. Know the lifetime value of each customer


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