The Modern Landscape of Strategy

Cut through all the crap. Here is some of the leading books on strategy summed up quickly

Less is More – Jason Jennings

In summary
Focus everyone on getting the job done, streamline everything, map every process and eliminate waste, build cultures not bureaucracies, and keep everyone moving in the right direction.

1. A simple BIG Objective: Sell it, Live it, Deal with Cynics, Fire, Abandon, and make sure your in it for the Long Haul
2. Openness: Open Book Management, Open Communication, Supplier Communication, and Criticize (Processes not People)
3. Bureaucracy: Adapt, Innovate, Make sure Employees are the Right Fit, Kill Silos, Decentralize, Flatten, Foster Passion, rely on Performance
4. Remove Obstacles, No Layoffs, Accountability, and Fire Weak Managers and Leaders – Have you ever fired anyone too soon?
5. What is the good business reason for doing this? Question every decision
6. Systemize everything: Process Map it – Everyone does it the same, best practices, zero variations, and continuous improvement (always changing)
7. Compensation: team based (weed out the weak), reinforce culture, create layers with stock options, bonus, all based on performance, create common goals, easy to understand, reward smart work
8. Digitize: flow first, seek out objectives, cost, soft cost, ROI, performance
9. Motivation: Create an external US against the WORLD – Safe and Secure (give meaning, stakeholder, diversity, allow mistakes, and foster teamwork), find an external enemy (FedEx had to invent UPS to be successful), and get out of the way
10. Lean Culture: Attention to detail, high moral fiber, simplicity, competitiveness, long term focus, disdain for waste, coach leadership, humility, reject bureaucracy, belief in others, and trust

In search of excellence – tom peters

1. A Bias for Action
2. Close to the Customer
3. Autonomy and Entrepreneurship
4. Productivity through People
5. Hands-On, Value-Driven
6. Stick to the Knitting
7. Simple Form, Lean Staff
8. Simultaneous loose-tight properties

What really works (4+2)

1. Strategy- Clear and Focused
2. Execution
3. Performance based cultures
4. Structure – flat and fast
5. Committed Leaders
6. Develop and maintain talent
7. Create innovative industries
8. Mergers and Partnerships

Built to Last – Jim Collins

1. Be a Clock Builder, not a Timekeeper
2. Your Company must have a set of ‘Core Values’
3. Preserve Your ‘Core Ideology’
4. BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals)
5. Have a ‘Cult-Like” Culture
6. Don’t be Afraid to Evolve
7. Look Inside for your Top Management
8. Constantly Innovate
9. Make the Core Ideology/Values a Reality
10. No Strong Dynamic Leader Necessary.
11. No ‘Great Idea’ Needed to Start a Company

Good to Great – Jim Collins

1. Level 5 Leadership – Will & humility
2. Talent on the bus
3. Ever fire anyone too early?
4. Truth is heard
5. Hedgehog – one simple unifying concept
6. Passionate people
7. A culture of discipline
8. Technology accelerator
9. Creativity
10. Excellence

One thing you need to know – Buckingham

1. Find the one thing that is universal
2. Find the unique aspect of each individual
3. Do only what the things you like and forget the rest

Kotter – Culture & Performance

1. Establish culture emphasizing attention to all stakeholders (customers, stockholders, & employees)
2. Demanding leadership at all levels


1. Competitive Advantage
2. Porter Model

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