My First Blog: Overview of BARE Selling

Everyone is always selling. Get a PMA. Start everyday smiling. Frame your world with successful thoughts. Success is an attitude. Imagine being successful. Visualize making the sale. Create your reality by defining your perceptions. Strive to be “the BEST of the BEST.” Be excellent. No excuses. No Limits. No regrets. Find your PASSION! Follow that passion. LOVE! Set specific goals with specific dates. See it & want it. Focus all your energy on your goals. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. You are your habits. Be persistent. Journal. Anchor in your successes – “That’s like me.” Eliminate your failures – “That’s not like me.” Stay energized. Keep focused.

Understand your view of selling & your sales abilities. Define your mission, vision & values. Develop a marketing plan. Commit to the proper amount of activities to be successful. Create the framework to succeed. Believe in what you sell or move on. Eliminate wishy-washy & powerless words. Use proactive words. Avoid weaknesses & showcase strengths. Continually condition yourself for success. Network. Connect with people. Build expert knowledge. Develop your Brand. Ask for help. Find a mentor to hold you accountable. Find a sales buddy. Role Play. Simulate. Tape yourself. Improv. Practice. Seek out a mastermind group. Model a top producer. Get a Board of Advisors. Continue to learn. Laugh often. Make it a game. Live in the moment. Take the best from every experience. Create an attitude of gratitude & thank people often. Have FUN! “That’s like me.”

Prospect & qualify for success. Ask at least one hard question when setting up a meeting. Go to sales calls with confidence. Tune everything else out, take three deep breaths & focus on the objective of the call. Get a pre-call routine. Visualize the conversation & the questions you will ask. See the answers. Send intro letters. Make an impactful first impression. Dress for success. Create unique startling statements. Build credibility, trust & interest. Build rapport & relationships. Be open & approachable. Be likable. Put customers at ease & get them to talk about themselves. No tricks. Be authentic, genuine & interested. Hold eye contact. Engage visually, verbally & kinesthetically. Give the client control. Know their influencer number. Actively listen to how they feel. Check posture, interest & facial expressions (FACS). Match & mirror their style, tone, leading & pacing. Compliment. Nod when in agreement. Always know the next step. Ask how you can benefit them. “That’s like me.”

Set the agenda & outcome for the meeting. Question everything. Who? What? When? Where? Why? & How? Dig. Find the need. Write down “key words” in order. Listen with intent. Question only with purpose. Build upon the rapport you have established. Repeat what you understand to clarify. Get your client to admit the issue. Seek to find pain or pleasure. Learn your clients business. Products they use. Results. ID the DM. Understand the budget. Know their competitors. Gain commitments. Find a cool factor. Ask for agreement to present. “That’s like me.”

Are you ready to present? Pause. Know your FAQ’s. Preempt potential landmines found in the interview. Value integrity, it will pay many long-term dividends. Know every possible objection & your responses. Know your features & benefits. Turn all features into benefits. Find clients “key” benefits. Shock & Awe. Be passionate, animated, & engaging. Become a storyteller. Get emotional. Connect to your clients. Reaffirm the issues? The pain. Check for interest, often. Check body language, facial expression & engagement. Justify price & emphasize value. Define the ROI. Offer proof & testimonials. Eliminate all the stress, worries, fears, doubts & anxiety of buying. Reassure & reinforce all agreements you have mutually made. Exhaust their questions. It’s alright not to have all the answers. Ask for feelings & opinions. “That’s like me.”

Closing time. Create a call to action & climax. Wave the magic wand. Learn & use the powers of influence (QVC). Close with the “key words” & key benefits discovered in the interview. Be Assumptive. Only give a few options. Anchor high. Know your BATNA. Be straightforward. Ask for the sale. Define the delivery of the service or product. Celebrate any success. Preempt buyer’s remorse. Follow up often. Continue to define the expectations. Under promise & over deliver. Send Thank You cards. Go the EXTRA MILE! Remember the small stuff. Ask for feedback. Ask for referrals. Ask for opinions. Ask often. Become a consultant. Givers gain. “That’s like me.”

Always start over with rapport building questions. Never forget that success is an attitude. Build upon everything that you have taken the time to create. If you make a mistake, admit it. Fix it. Mistakes are opportunities to respond & improve relationships. Continually reestablish value & reassure choice. Finally, discover the life value of each client & treat accordingly. Keep the clients that you like & make you money. Enjoy what you do everyday. Do only the highest economic value. Always move forward & design your days. Live your words. WOW everyone! All the time. “That’s like me.”

(c) Copyright 2005 Aaron


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